I love I

german version

„The holder of this passport is not entitled to travel to the occupied Palestine.“  This is reality of Iranian citizens since the Islamic revolution in 1979. And an Iranian name a guarantee to be controlled in a discriminatory way at Israel’s airport. The route from Tel Aviv to Tehran can not be calculated using common route planners. Getting to know each other is almost impossible. Better, the enemy stays the enemy to justify the unforgiving attitude of both countries. But despite those problems Iranians and Israelis search contact via social networks. In groups called „Israel loves Iran“ and „Iran loves Israel“. They naively reveal their love and share their fears. In Excesses they party those fears away. But scars remain inside of them – are they the origin of the powerful brokenness in their body language? What moves us in the conflict of those two countries? Which prejudices have become part of ourselves? What do I actually know from the others, and what do they know about me? In I love I the perspectives of the German-Iranian-Israeli ensemble penetrate each other. Caught in their own prejudices, the ensemble turns the clichés ad absurdum and finds out the political entanglements behind the conflict. They turn out to be prisoners in a web, from which there is supposedly no way out.


Tour: Romania 2013

A production of Modjgan Hashemian in co-production with Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH. Funded by the Einzelprojektförderung des Landes Berlin.  
Choreography: Modjgan Hashemian
Dance: Shiran Eliaserov, Kaveh Ghaemi, Michael Shapira, Maryam Zaree
Dramaturgy: Anke Sauerteig
Music: Oliver Doerell, Nuri Dehdashti, Ben Shalom
Light: Asier Solana
Stage/costumes: Shira Wachsmann
Production Manager: Sylvia Erse Keller
Assistant: Michele Meloni